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    Damian Roller (Edited )

    Hi Michael,

    if a user opens your app the only information we get is the email address he used to log in to Open as App.
    This information can be passed to the Excel file you are using as your data source by using the app definition useremailcell=<value>; If this definition is set, the user's email address is written to the stated cell when the app is started.


    Let's say Mikes email address is
    Mike opens your app > the email address "" will be entered in cell B5 on the sheet "Sheet1" > depending on the value in Sheet1!B5 the Excel will show specific values in other cells.

    However, this logic must come completely from your Excel. What we can offer is recognizing the user based on his email address and passing this information to the Excel.

    The app definition can be set here:

    When working with tables it's getting a bit more complex as the formulas used in Excel to achieve the result are not very performant. A table containing 100 rows works fine, but you cannot filter bigger lists comfortably.

    I hope this message will help you design and use your apps. If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.



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