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    Damian Roller (Edited )


    The loading time basically depends on the performance of the device on which the calculations are performed.
    For very complex calculations, it may take 2, 3 seconds for the results to appear.


    It would be interesting to know how long the list is. Can you say how many entries will be loaded into the dropdown list? How long does it take for the list to be available? 2, 3 seconds or more?


    There is no direct solution to the problem... We are constantly working to become more performant, but this is an ongoing process in which we unfortunately can not proceed at short notice.

    Is there perhaps a more efficient way to load the list in Excel itself? A better formula, so to speak? Maybe you will find an alternative solution to implement the dependent dropdown list.


    I hope to have helped you with the answer a little bit.
    Just get in touch with further questions. You can also contact the support directly (



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    aishiteru yoon

    Hi Damian,

    Thank you for the reply.

    Q: "Can you say how many entries will be loaded into the dropdown list?"

    A: About 100 list will be loaded into the dropdown list

    Q: "How long does it take for the list to be available? 2, 3 seconds or more?"

    A: about 60 seconds or more

    Can you help me to find a better formula, i will send my Excell's sample to email support. I'm waiting for the reply again.

    Thank you for your kindness.

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    Damian Roller

    Hey there.

    Thank you for your message and the Excel.

    For the sake of completeness, here are a few bulletins from the message I sent you through our support system.

    I think the problem with the increased load time has to do with the amount of data that needs to be searched in your file. While the PC can handle this in near real-time, mobile devices need much longer deoending on their capacity. I tested it on my iPad and it took about 15 seconds to recalculate the excel.


    Unfortunately, we can not immediately tell you if there is a better alternative to the chosen formula, as we can not provide Excel support.


    Our recommendation is to remove irrelevant data (columns / rows / worksheets) to speed up the search process.


    We are constantly working on optimizing performance so that even complex Excel's can be quickly calculated on mobile devices.


    Thank you for your patience.

    Stay tuned,


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