Changes disappear and some format functions do not work



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    Damian Roller

    Hi, Nico.

    Yeah. Here and there a German word creeps in. Working on it :) Thanks anyway for your feedback.

    Can you describe in more detail what doesn't work? Do you mean the transfer of formats from one element to another? This features works best with elements of the same kind, meaning output data field to output data field, button to button or list to list, chart to chart etc.

    We mainly transfer the color settings and not the height. In the next step we want to let the user choose exactly which settings he wants to copy over. I think that might be the functionality you are missing right now.


    If you want to restore an old version, we started saving app versions a few days ago.
    Have a look at your app in the Web Portal in the tab "Advanced" > "Experimental Features". At the bottom you'll find information about it and the last saved revisions.



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