how to make images in my Google sheet to show up in an app?



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    Damian Roller (Edited )

    Hey Ketevan,


    thank you for getting in touch. Showing images of the employees next to their personal information is something that can definitely be done with Open as App.


    The element you have to work with is the "List". You will find a detailed tutorial here:

    After creating the list you can select "Cards with Thumbnail" as your list type:

    If you want to display the images in your list, you have to make sure that the urls of the images are contained in your sheet. I suggest checking out this tutorial:


    I'm not sure how the data looks like in your spreadsheet but basically we need a column with urls like

    The url must point directly to a publicly available file.


    Hope that will help you creating the app.

    Best regards



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